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      There is no doubt that when I am feeling a certain emotion something that helps soothe the chaos within my mind is music. By forming a playlist according to what state of mind I am currently in, I can allow myself to indulge whole heartedly in that one particular emotion and hence let go of it entirely. Below are a few songs I like to listen to when feeling these types of ways:

      -angry: Cleaning out my closet by Eminem
      -ugly, ridiculed or small: You are beautiful by Candice Glover
      -sad: Happy by Pharrell Williams or Forgive by Trevor Hall
      -unmotivated: The climb by Miley Cyrus

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      Usually I listen to something really loud and scream my way through it – AJJ (FKA Andrew Jackson Jihad) is really great for that, and one of the reasons I love folk punk.

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      When I am feeling that I need music to help me I listen to Machine Gun Kelly. His story is so moving growing up super poor with no where to live his lyrics are relatable and he makes music about real life. He has some songs like Invincible that give you hope.

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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      Nice choices Luz!

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      Although I have personally never heard of Machine Gun Kelly, I completely agree with your reasoning of why you choose to listen to him. Certain things in life bring us to a point for a certain reason, and I feel that listening to someone singing, screaming, rapping, etc., about whatever we may be going through will definitely help us process it. Thank you for sharing an example of who you enjoy listening to through some of your moods!

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