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      Hey guys! So we are underway for our second and LAST semester of the year!! Wahoo!!
      So, this semester what is your FAVORITE and LEAST FAVORITE class?

      This semester my favorite class is actually my math class! Which is super weird because I have always defined myself as someone who is “bad” at math. But this semester with some pep talks about math from my boss I have totally re-framed the way I think about math! That, with a great teacher means I’m not only doing well and really getting everything but I’m feeling super confident and enjoying myself! Never thought I would see that day!
      I don’t really have a class I dislike necessarily, BUT my least favorite this semester is probably English. Again, SUPER out of the ordinary for me. English is usually my favorite class. But this one is my least favorite for two reasons: one, it’s online, it’s my only online class this semester and while that allows me to be full time the format and structure of online classes just ins’t for me. Second, it’s really heavy (so far) on the technical side of things. For example, this unit is poetry. We are now getting into meter and rhythm which I HATE!! On the bright side I love my teacher and am excited about our current paper.

      Anyways how about YOU guys? How is school going this semester? Or work? What’s your best and worst this year?

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