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      I feel like we all have situations that can make us feel uncomfortable, whether they are on one end of the discomfort scale or on the complete opposite end. Here are some situations that I have been in, on occasion more than once, that I feel completely awkward in and sometimes don’t even know what to do. It’s a great thing to know, though, that awkward and uncomfortable moments happen to all of us, and that it’s just one of the many things that make us who we

      -When people you don’t know stare you down
      -When I forget there’s a bottom step on a set of stairs out in public
      -When someone is waving and I wave back just to find out they were waving at the person behind me
      -When I stain my shirt or top while eating out (I honestly need a bib 🙂 )

      What are some awkward/uncomfortable/embarrassing situations you have been in?

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