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Blog: Journal of Gay Afro-Caribbean Immigrant

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      Kevin A.

      During Camp I joined a writing track that required us to compose a poem that includes chants that we would use at a protest rally. I think everyone should try this as a simple way to start their own protest. I included a draft of my poem plus some of the interviews that I did and promised to share below:

      The Government doesnt speak for us
      The media doesnt speak for us
      We are our own champions
      …The change we want to see
      We are aggravated and disgruntled
      By social prejudice and systematic oppression
      In our schools and on our streets.
      There is is too much going on
      For too long
      Too much racism
      Too much homophobia
      And trans-phobia
      And classism
      And sexism
      Too much isms.
      Society needs to exist for all of us
      And social norms need not define how we dress
      How we look
      Who we marry
      Or who we choose to love.
      What excuse does our government has for our homeless youth
      Who are sleeping on trains
      And standing in soup lines
      When they should be in school.
      What excuse does our government has for our black brothers and sisters
      Who hardly have a choice between welfare and a good job?
      Where do they get employed if they are too black?
      Too uneducated or too thug?
      What messages do we send
      To that child of a single mother
      …A mother who struggles to get home
      Night after night
      To her sobbing child
      Who is still up late and cannot sleep
      Through the shock and trauma
      from the ringing of bullets from her bedroom window

      Where is our voice? Who answers our questions?
      How do we channel our messages into actions?

      We are bruised by prejudice and ignorance and we need change now!

      Not because we are poor, or because we are gay or because we are black
      But because we are humans!

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      Kevin, that is so awesome you had a great time. That poem you wrote was amazing. How great you got to connect with people who are like-minded and so much fun.

      I had a really good camp experience when I was in Middle School – it was a creative arts camp. To be honest, I feel like my life is filled with “adult’ responsibilities, like standing on my own two feet and living independently. But my “childlike” creativity definitely brings me peace and happiness. I have to get better about allowing that happen regularly.

      Arts In The Woods sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing

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      Kevin A.

      Thanks Michael! Arts in the Woods was a great experience!
      I know what you mean, being caught up with everyday life and hardly being able to find time for yourself can be exhausting.
      …Responsibilities after responsibilities… but it usually means that you are doing something right.

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