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      Artist Brilliantly Illustrates Different Mental Disorders Using Only Paper Clips

      I found this article on Facebook the other day. The artist has stated that he hopes “to promote awareness and understanding of the alarming problem.”
      The alarming problem being untreated mental illness.

      I think this is a really incredible way of looking at mental illness in a different kind of light. What do you think?

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      This is amazing.

      To be able to look at something and say to myself, “yes, that’s exactly what it feels like” is astonishing. I can totally relate to the PTSD and depression one the most. Often times I feel most alone when I am going through the hardest times with my depression, so it definitely feels like that. As for the PTSD one, after a lot of hard work I am mostly okay, but then again there are those random days that kick your butt out of no where so having a little end sticking up where it can prick you without any anticipation is really meaningful to me as well.

      Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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