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    This time of year has always been one that I find to be complete with mixed emotions. Just two short months after ringing in the New Year, I get to ring in another New Year- a new year of my life.

    I turn 24 on March 5th this year. I am at a place in my life where I had never thought I would be. Finally, I am comfortable being me.

    This battle has not been one easily fought. In fact, it’s been my most difficult battle yet. Being able to look at myself in a mirror and not pick apart the person staring back at me- that’s how I know I’ve won.

    The beginning of March is always a reflective period of time for me. I am constantly thinking about what the last year of my life has brought me and what the next year has in store for me.


    I am finally on my way to achieving the dream I have had since I was small. I am almost a teacher. I have ten weeks left of student teaching. After that, I will be able to apply for my certification and when that gets accepted, I will be a teacher. I currently have the opportunity to student teach with someone who I have always looked up to. She is helping me find my best inner teacher. I am so lucky.

    I get to wake up every day and go to school with 21 of my favorite small humans. They look to me for support and guidance. They trust I will keep them safe and do the best I can to make sure they succeed. It is a huge responsibility- but one I am honored to have.

    My birthday also calls for a reflection on my mental health, my mental wellness, and my mental stability. I have come so far in the last 24 years. My mental health has become something so important to me that I am checking on it daily. I am constantly re-evaluating situations that may lead to mental instability. I am always reflecting on situations that may have hindered my mental health- thinking about what I can do better next time.

    I am not perfect.

    I will never be perfect.

    But I am finally learning how to be good enough for myself.

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    Hi my love!! Happy almost birthday!! I know this is going to be a great year for you- so much in your life is coming in to place, because of your hard-work, determination, and amazingly fierce spirit you are building an incredible life for yourself!! You’re so amazing and you inspire me to work harder and move forward every single day. Seriously. I have no clue how you juggle everything in your life but I’m going to figure it out!! Lol!
    I’m so happy for you and I love you so much.
    Eliza <3

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