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      things i’ve found helpful and comforting in overcoming the urge to self-harm:

      -covering myself with band-aids where i want to c*t
      -painting my nails a new color
      -putting on fake tattoos
      -alphabetizing my books
      -buying a new stuffed animal
      -naming all of my stuffed animals
      -collecting a new crystal or stone and carrying it around
      -hyper-focusing on one specific thing like that crystal
      -recording my feelings in my mood journal, seeing if patterns surface, and identifying my triggers

      add yours below 🙂

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      This is a great thread!

      Some things that I have found useful myself have been:

      -Listening to music REALLY loudly and literally screaming the lyrics to let out the emotions
      -Being in a cold setting, whether its by opening the fridge or going outside without a jacket, etc.
      -Fidgeting with something- silly putty, play dough, etc.
      -Weighted blankets or having like an actual person lay on me LOL
      -Cleaning literally everything in sight

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      one of my alternatives is biting down on a wet towel, or listening to something that I relate good moments or feelings with

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