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      These are 7 things that helped my Mental Wellness and can hopefully help you!

      I have always struggling with anxiety but during quarantine is heightened to new levels and I needed to learn new ways to cope with it. I also felt that I needed to find a new routine to keep me off my phone for hours and getting bored easily. These 7 things helped me tremendously and I will continue to use them in my routine forever. Hopefully you can too!

      They are in no specific order!

      #1 – Meditation!
      This is extremely helpful and calming for the mind, body, and soul. I started off with some guided meditations for about 10-15 minutes and now I do 20-30 minutes every day. Sometimes I like to do guided meditations on YouTube that I love and other times I just like to sit and enjoy meditation music. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Although I think it’s important to try your best to be present and if thoughts cloud your mind let them pass and focus on your breathing. Sometimes I feel anxious or angry and then after I meditate I feel an instant release of those anxious or anger thoughts. It is truly an amazing way to release tension and calm your mind. Im so grateful that meditating works for me and I hope you can try it too!

      #2 – Journaling!
      Journaling has been one of the most helpful ways to release built up thoughts as well as organize my thoughts and future goals or to-dos. If I feel really anxious when I wake up journaling is my go to to release my thoughts and then I meditate. You can write for as long as you want and whatever comes to mind. Sometimes setting a mind dump timer is a good way to let yourself let go of everything within a time frame and then move on. Journaling your goals, self affirmations, or todos is a great way to stay organized and focused on what is important to yourself. If I were to recommend one thing journaling would be #1 just because it lets you say whatever you want and dump everything into one simple notebook. Try it I swear you feel such a release after!

      PS. I am gonna be using the word “release” a lot cause its true, everything I say you feel an instant release!!

      #3 – Mindful Eating
      Before Quarantine I was very restrictive with my foods and working out like crazy. It wasn’t healthy for my body or my mind. Quarantine allowed me to slow down and find what’s really important. At the beginning of quarantine I was eating healthy but found my self focusing too much on my weight. Then I started eating a lot of bad foods that didn’t fuel my body or my mind. I tried so many different kinds of foods and eating and felt nothing worked for me. But lately I have found that mindful eating has worked for me and I am just sort of starting it so I am not the best at explaining it. But basically it’s brings your awareness to the food that you are putting in your body. Observing how you think your going to feel mentally and physically after. I think this is a great way of eating because its no specific diet and you are eating what feels right to your body.

      #4 – Yoga/Pilates
      Before Quarantine I did really high intensity workouts and trained really hard. But I have found that yoga/pilates are the best workouts for me. They are low intensity but at the same time very hard and tone muscles that you didn’t even know you had. You can find videos on YouTube or instagram. My favorite instructor is Melissa wood health she has a 7 day free trial if you go on her website. I also really like Tasha Franklin she posts videos on YouTube and instagram. They are both awesome. The workouts make you feel great and you see instant results if you stay consistent. They work so well for me because I feel so stretched out and an instant release after. Try these instructors or yoga/pilates on YouTube I swear by it!!

      #5 – Essential oils
      I absolutely love essential oils. They smell amazing and make you feel so calm. I recently bought an essential oil diffuser on amazon and some oils as well. I turn it on before I go to bed and put lavender in it. It’s amazing and helps me fall asleep. I also love turning it on while I meditate so that the smell feels my nose. I also bought a CBD essential oil roll on and let me tell you when you roll it on and take a few deep breaths you feel calm instantly. I bought it from High-line wellness and I Really suggest investing in one!!

      #6 – Reading
      I love reading always have and always will especially when its a good book. Their are some really good self-love books that have helped me and others that are great from amazon. I Found this one called “Journey to the Heart” and its a meditation guide book sort of. Where they have a little paragraph every day where they tell you what your should focus on basically. Its amazing I suggest investing in one!! You can find it on amazon! I also just really enjoy a good read. I recently just read Summer Wives which was amazing by Beatriz Williams. Right now I am reading “Where the Crawdads Sing” which is also amazing. A good read is a great was to get lost in a book especially when you’re bored. Get some good books!!

      #7 – Focusing on the present
      This is a big one for me. Focusing on being present is something that has become really important to me. Sometimes I think we don’t realize how much time we waste on not being present. Instead being on our phones or getting lost in our thoughts. It’ s a great way to get out of your head. Sometimes its really hard to be present and I struggle with it a lot. But if you really focus on it. It can transform your life and goals. So next time you want to scroll through instagram for an hour think again!!!

      These are some of the most important things that have helped my Mental Wellness. Try them and reply back if they worked for you!!

      Colby Dineen.

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