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      The best 5 things I’ve had in my life
      -My parents
      -The family I’ve created
      -My job
      -My travel experiences
      -My education

      5 Things I am glad I tried but will never do again
      -White river rafting
      -Eating Sea Food
      -Black Friday Shopping
      -Being a pet owner
      -Being a mail deliverer

      5 Things that I have always wanted to do but have never done
      -Swim with dolphins
      -Ride in a hot air balloon
      -Have professional pictures of my family and I taken now that I’m older
      -Go on a Cruise
      -Go to Disney

      What about you guys???

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      5 of my favorite Hobbies and interests:
      Creative writing
      Video games
      Hanging out with friends

      5 things I am thankful for:
      My family
      My friends
      I’m still alive
      I am healthy
      I have a job to pay bills, put food on the table, and have a roof over my head

      My top 5 favorite battle rappers:
      Loaded Lux
      Hollow Da Don
      K Shine

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