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      I have always struggled with making sure I make loving myself a priority. I’m one of those people who gets nervous when I get a compliment, but feel like it’s important to know your worth. With that being said, I’d love to start a thread where we can just list 5 things we like about ourselves. By doing so, we can take the time to just reflect on the positive things we have to offer.

      Here is my current list of the 5 things I like about myself:

      -My reliability and work ethic
      -My sense of humor and goofiness
      -I am a good student and am smart
      -I am a good listener
      -I am a good provider for my family

      How about you guys?

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      As the days go by, I feel like it’s getting harder to find things I like about myself. This tends to happen often when I’m not feeling so good. Nevertheless, I think maybe stating some positive things could be good/helpful.

      5 things I like about myself right now are:

      -I am very blunt/honest and say things straight up
      -I am a good omelette maker
      -I am trustworthy
      -I am a good spouse and mother
      -I am dependable

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      I think it’s always important to keep updating this list. I’d love to have you guys participate as well!

      5 things I like about myself right now are:

      -My ambition and strive to continue moving forward
      -My hair
      -I am a good cook
      -My eyebrows when they’re done LOL
      -I am good with children

      How about you guys???

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      It’s been about a month since my last one of these so here we go again:

      5 things I like about myself right now are:

      How loving I am and can be
      My patience with some annoying things
      How I’ve been able to express things that have been bothering me instead of holding them in
      My goals and determination to accomplish them
      My sense of humor and sarcastic comments


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      5 Things I like about myself:

      I have Integrity
      I am Extremely Resilient
      I’m not afraid to be myself, even if that means be being rejected or looked at differently by “the general consensus of the population”
      I am proud of where I am and the adversity I have overcome
      I am very passionate/energetic/

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      Last time I did this was last year, so here is my list for now:

      -I like that I am not afraid to ask questions. When something doesn’t sit right with me or I am confused by something, I don’t hesitate to get clarification or state that somethings seems off.
      -I am hardworking. I am reliable in my work ethic and produce good results.
      -I am a good caregiver. At all stages in my life, I’ve been the caregiver for at least one person and I am good at it.
      -I’m a good cook. I may not cook that often or too many things, but when I do cook, the things I make are pretty darn tasty.
      -I am determined. No matter how long some things have taken to accomplish, I have continued to strive and work hard to achieve my goals.

      How about you???

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