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      Similar to the whole prompt most of us have gotten at some point or another during our school years of “what would you bring on a deserted island”, what 3 things do you think you could not live or function without?

      I think for me it would be:

      -My family (friends included)-I wouldn’t be where I am without their support.
      -Any means of communication-text, internet for social media, letter writing, phone calls, email-I would need at least one.
      -God- I think that I’ve come so far and continue to defy the odds with my very existence only because I know in the end he has my back.

      How about you- what 3 things do you think you can’t live without?

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      luz, i can appreciate those 3 things and im glad you shared them.
      for me i would have to say

      -family and friends
      -entertainment, which can be perceived through many forms but im talking about video games and shows
      – last but not least i would have to say love/hope because those are 2 huge factors that keep me going.

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