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      I thought this topic/forum would be beneficial, and a really good place to share things regarding 2020, and the New Year! It could be anything! Any New Years Resolutions or goals you have going forward. Looking back at 2020 and reflecting on many things that impacted our lives. What you would like to see change going forward? What are things you could have handled differently? Where there any certain things in particular that were harder to manage and deal with than usual?

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      I wrote down some New Years Resolutions and priorities to focus on. A few of them revolved around Self Care, and doing whats best for myself. Also, looking back at 2020, seeing how the Pandemic amplified our emotions and feelings more than usual, the impact it had with loneliness. A few more would be recognizing our self worth, our priorities, and people/support systems in our lives!

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      This is a great topic and a good way to start off the new year! I’ve always found it beneficial to write down or speak into existence the things that I would like to see happen, that way I’m declaring success!

      With this being said, these are some of the things that I wish to work on/accomplish in this new year:

      -Stick to my academics, work hard in school and achieve my grade goals
      -Work on being a better communicator- reflect on what it is I need from others and/or figure out how to better help others myself
      -Be in the moment more- stay off of social media as much as I can and spend more time in the here and now

      I look forward to seeing what amazing things are in store for me and everyone I know this year!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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