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      Just a warning to all of you out there. The flu is really scary this year. Both my 5 and 7 year old had the flu this winter as did I. It was extremely scary as a parent to nurse my children back to health. It took them both about 5 days each to get over the flu. I also had the flu and it took me a few days as well. They had fevers over 100 degrees for days and when I took them to the emergency room there were dozens of other children just as sick. I just want you all to be careful and to remember to wash and sanitize your hands as much as possible.

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      Thank you for this warning Chenice!! It’s definitely nerve-wracking!!!

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      And I’m so glad you and your two children are better!! I’m so sorry they were so sick!

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      Thanks for sharing this.

      A question I have about this would be, since the flu vaccination is indeed a portion of the flu virus itself being inserted into people, in order to build up antibodies, what are your opinions on getting a vaccine? Should it be something that is mandatory? Do you think that if more people got a vaccine less would have gotten so sick? Do you think it would have made a difference?

      I’d love to know!

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