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      2 Years ago this week I was blessed with the opportunity to join the team that would change my life for the better. When I started working for the JRB team, I was in a completely different place. I had just lost my best friend, I really had no hope, I didn’t really want to associate myself with the organization that my best friend had brought me to now that she was gone. Nevertheless, after she passed away, I spent my days at the Toivo office space anyways, and so I thought I’d apply for a job position. Little did I know how much my life would improve! 

      In the past two years, I feel like I have become a completely different person. I didn’t like me, I couldn’t talk to you if I didn’t know you and be okay with being myself. I didn’t know that it was okay to be myself, until I found a safe place to be able to do so. I learned that I am highly sarcastic, I am overly blunt, and I say things that need to be said when they need to be said. I’ve struggled with being too rude at times, but I acknowledge that I am still growing everyday and I have come to accept that I have gotten to a point where I can bite my tongue as well. 

      I have become someone who is determined to succeed, in all aspects. 2 years ago, I didn’t really care about making plans for the future, because I didn’t really want to exist in the future. I am now in school, I am saving money, I am working to better myself in every aspect. 

      I struggled through being able to keep my anger under control, and one time it got to the point that it interfered with my job. That was probably one of the scariest things that has happened these past two years. By that time, I had become pretty invested in my work, and all I knew how to do was be an employee here. Through this work though, I was able to learn to process what it is that gets me to those certain points of being so mad, and figuring out how to best work through them. After all, we are all human, and things are going to make us mad no matter what. 

      When I list things that I have learned, I think I should emphasize on what it is that has helped me move through these things so well. This job, this opportunity, this journey of learning that I’m on each and everyday, it is so much more than a job because society has told me time and time again that I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT THIS FAR. By doing the job that I do, whether it be listening to others on the phone when they are having a bad day and just want someone to talk to, by helping young adult become leaders within their own organizations, by helping run activities such as paint night- by doing all that, I am leading by my example. An example that shows that young adults can get better and do better in life even if they have previously struggled at one point in their lives. 

      I am beyond grateful for the job I am blessed to have. I am eager to continue my growth, and I am determined to continue moving forward. 

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      Hey Luz!! Congrats on your two years!!! I am so glad you found a job that you love, and a safe space where you can grow and flourish and become the best YOU! Here’s to many more years and more and more growth and happiness to come!

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