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    13 reasons why has become a very popular television show within the last year. The first season covered the controversial and sad topic of teen suicide. The second season has involved a lot of sexual assault and violence. How is this show affecting teens? Should they be allowed to watch it? What are your thoughts on how the topics are introduced and what the show truly stands for? Is it an accurate representation of life for teens? Do a lot of people understand that it is fiction and not based on a true story? How do you feel about the violent episodes (especially in season 2) if you have watched the show?

    My dad is a teacher and after the second season came out the principal emailed parents and told them to watch the show with their kids and discuss it. Do you think discussing the material in the show is important? Or should we just treat it as another fiction tv show?

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    I know that watching a lot of violent television and movie content can negatively affect children. If they could learn more about other human emotions than just violence all the time then it would be helpful. Also a parent discussing the shows and talking to their children about what happened in the shows is very helpful.

    I agree,

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    Hey! I totally agree with that- even “cartoon” violence is really negative I think. Glad to have you on! 🙂 Welcome

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    Reading 13 reasons Why in the sixth grade gave me great insight into understanding the thought process of someone suffering from suicidal ideation. At that time, this was essential for me to understand. I had been battling my own suicidal thoughts and felt that no other person could have been experiencing these dark thoughts. Jay Asher has chosen a medium that gets the conversation started about this. the gentle approach to such a “grim” topic like suicide helps to lower the stigma we place on ourselves and others who must deal with these thoughts on a regular basis.

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    13 Reasons Why is a dangerous and awful show. It has nothing new or interesting to say about suicide. The show narrowly implies that bullying leads to suicide when in fact no one thing leads to suicide.
    It presented how bad things can get and how cruel teenagers can be but then offered no message of hope or empowerment. There are ways to tell a story about suicide that are compassionate and don’t trigger emotional distress. There is absolutely no reason to show Hannah killing herself. Having that on-screen does nothing positive. It isn’t “raising awareness” or “showing the truth,” it’s just fueling suicidal actions of viewers by providing a detailed, graphic plan to commit suicide. It lacks the understanding of how to show suicide on screen safely. Because this show leaves no positive, hopeful, or empowering message, it is a lackluster attempt to “raise awareness.”
    The show doesn’t talk about mental illness or depression at all. It’s “attempt” at opening a dialogue but gives no message about how to live with difficult emotions, how to get support from others and how to survive. How can a show say they are opening a discussion when they present suicide as the only option? The fear presented in this show makes viewers feel like there is no hope and that there is nothing that can be done. A better way to make a show about suicide would be to show how adults can be supportive to these experiences and how to prevent suicide.
    Making tapes that are “witty” and take a long time to make before you kill yourself is unrealistic. Suicide does not exact revenge. The person responsible for Hannah’s death is Hannah and Hannah only. It is pushing the topic of mental illness into the wrong direction-one about blame instead of prevention.

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