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You know, I’m so accustomed to the routine of the middle schoolers in my neighborhood having their break in April, that I forget those of us in college have a week off in March. I had to write in the calendar so I wouldn’t end up going in that week by accident!

I think… I’ll definitely have some things to do with what my Professor assigned for work (more math). But what I really plan to do is try and get outside if the weather lightens up a bit. I’ve definitely been missing the sun and I may not tend to get depressed during winter, but even I don’t like staying indoors 24/7. Maybe I’ll treat my grams to a trip to Barnes &. Noble + dinner!
I’m most looking forward to the free time. Still gotta work, of course, but at least I won’t have to worry about school for a bit. I also feel like I’m looking forward to re-establishing a routine with my creative coping skills. They kinda’ fell off the less motivated I became over time, so fingers crossed I’ll hop back on the wagon the more I keep up with them. I also think MAYBE I should shave my legs haha!
What I really wanna do though is travel. There’s no way I can and my grams and I have very different destinations in mind (me, wanting to see Europe and her, wanting to return to Puerto Rico), so we’d never get to travel together. I have such a wanderlust feeling! I want to see and do all these things that I can’t find here in CT, you know? But well… Maybe someday we’ll see the world! Even if it is in spirit. 🙂