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Bulkysad – I just saw your post from last night and I’m so sorry for the incredible amount of stress you’re under. I hope you got some sleep. Please hang in there and know that you don’t have to get through all this alone. It sounds like you’re carrying all the burdens of everyone in your family and that’s awful. It’s ok to set that burden aside and put on your own oxygen mask right now. I’m glad you reached out last night and hope you will make a phone call today.

1-877-210-8513 is the 24/7 helpline from the Mississippi Dept of Mental Health. Please call to talk through your own suicide/mental health crisis. They can also connect your mom to a community outreach team who can help figure out her situation. If you don’t want to call a number in Mississippi, the National Suicide Lifeline is 800-273-8255. You mentiond a previous attempt, which has me really worried. But even if you don’t feel suicidal right now, just calling will help because you will have someone to talk to, especially since your wife is dealing with her own emotional pain and loss.

Also, the state of MS has social services available to the elderly, people with mental illness, etc. Your parents may qualify for help and can certainly talk with a social worker to find out about resources, which will remove some of your burden. You shouldn’t be the only one, and they’ll help you figure out who else can help.
State Dept of Human Services link here
Dept of Mental Health regional centers info here)

You mentioned that you struggled until you were 27 but then things were better. Right now you have a ton of things to struggle with in your family, but they’re all going to be resolved at some point. Hang in there! Please find someone to talk with first, and your family will be able to get help. My thoughts are with you.