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I’ve brought this up once before I think here or elsewhere but I fear my mind; it is beautiful and filled with so many things many people wouldn’t begin to understand, it is in constant motion, but as such, it’s also terrifying in what I hear. What I see. The delusion that the lines between reality and reality are so grey that perhaps maybe, just maybe, I don’t have my entire being set in stone, but somewhere far away. Always. And whether this is because I’ve become too acquainted with what ills me, what scares me in the evening and creeps in the corners and shadows, I do not know. But I do know, that I’ve learned to stand with these things and not against them. Because the more I’ve fought against the things and illusions my mind creates, the worse it gets in time. The worse I get.

TLDR; yes I am afraid. I am always afraid.
But I live in a state of knowing that I can be at peace with it.