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Allison KernanAllison Kernan


I absolutely love this post! I think we forget sometimes how much damage stress can really do to our bodies. I know for me, my stomach has all kinds of issues because of my mental health disorders, so when I add stress to the mix of things, it gets awful. I also get EXTREMELY tired.

One of my favorite ways to cope with stress is to read. Reading helps me the most because it takes my mind away from all of the overthinking I’m usually doing in my brain. I enjoy doing other things too, but I find myself still thinking about the stressful things. That’s why reading has always been so helpful because I literally feel as if I’m going off into another world ya know?

I’ve been noticing myself taking on a little too much lately and I haven’t really had the courage to advocate for myself by saying no. I’ve been really drained lately, but I’m glad that my busy schedule is at least filled with things that I enjoy doing and having a purpose.

I recently got into a new relationship and I can finally feel some stress relief because he listens to all of my venting and complaining lol

And of course, my cat Pete is the best to be around to de-stress 🙂