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Allison KernanAllison Kernan

the best thing in my life after recovery is the relationship that I have with God and my family. This month marked my two year, 9 month recovery anniversary 🙂

Recovery has brought a closeness with my family that I never imagined possible. It’s definitely closer than it was before I even used. My relationship with God has gotten much stronger and I’m more committed to my faith since beginning my recovery journey.

I’m celebrating this month by doing my best as a student, employee and intern. I’m also attending a lot of recovery events this month and spending a lot of time with my family. Honestly, it’s been a little tough though because any free time I have hasn’t been able to be taken advantage of. I’m either making up work time, over-scheduling other things, or drowning in homework. It’s frustrating though because I’m struggling so much to be able to just do some laundry or take some time to practice self-care. I’m trying not to allow my self-care time to be a hassle or another ‘to do’ thing on my list, but that’s how it has been lately.

I’ve been going through some personal private things this end of summer and beginning of the school year too, so I’ve been trying to keep a smile on my face even though it’s been extremely challenging. I’m glad that I have the support that I have and I’m also staying in the mindset that the worst day in recovery is still better than the best day in active addiction