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Hey, egbumblebee! Thanks for replying, it means a lot!

I live in Southington but have to travel a bunch for work, school and therapy. It’s preferred that I stick nearby Southington for resources! I just- I never even know where to start with this? I always put it on the back-burner because I don’t want to alarm anyone, least of all myself or my grandmother whose done her best to cope with what I tell her already.

I know for a fact that I eat cereals. Or saltines? Sometimes I put peanut butter on some Ritz. A sandwich (lettuce, tomato, cheese, ham). I used to be able to take the heavier things like pastas, but even now those won’t even go down right.
The days when I don’t eat it’s mainly: a cup of coffee in the morning, A LOT of water the rest of day and probably an insta-shake of some sort. I do know I can stomach smoothies, because I’m not actually “eating” it? I’m just drinking it and that doesn’t seem to trigger any adverse reaction. So if I feel daring I’ll cut some fruit and make one at home during my days off.

I’ll have to check out that website, though.