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Hey Luca,

Starting school again can definitely be stressful. Especially if we’ve gotten used to being able to sleep in, having more free time, or not having to work with a more restrictive schedule. A couple of things that I find that have helped me while adjusting with school stress have been being able to keep my tasks and work organized. Having an agenda where I can write down everything that I have to work on helps me because I can physically see it and am constantly reminded to get it done until I finally complete it and can cross it out. Additionally, remembering to have fun is crucial for me. I work and go to school at the same time as well, and some of my school days can be as long as 12 hours on campus, so by taking one day every so often to just have fun and relax when I know I am working my butt off during the week allows me to have balance in my life as well as something to look forward to. As for the gas thing, I usually find that in my car, not waiting for the gas to get too, too low until I refill the tank helps it last longer for some reason. I hope these things help!