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I personally love the colder seasons! It puts my body at ease to feel the cooler, calmer air and to know that when I step outside I won’t be boggled down by humidity and sweat within the hour. Sweater-weather, right? Warm coffees, good books by the heaters and hopefully room for warmth and kindness in the community. It’s also a gateway for the holidays, which I always look forward to because of the general sense of good faith and joy that comes with them.

However, this fall is my first semester back in college since 2013-2014. Back then, I was in a very dark place and didn’t know how to handle what I was doing ON TOP OF going to college and trying to do my workload. But now, after 5 or so years I’ve worked up the courage to take a step back and say, “Yes, I’m prepared. I can do this.” It’s still a process and I know for a fact that first week will be hell on my nerves but I look at it knowing the other newbies are just as terrified and probably also just as tired as I am.

Overall, I enjoy fall. I love the smells, the scenes, the colors… But for right now, I can’t exactly escape the knots in my stomach as I consider classes starting and rejoining the community I was rudely kicked out of all those years ago. I keep positive, though, and I do what I can to stay rooted in the present instead of projecting into the future and getting even more scared! I also focus on the good I’ve done to get to this point and the good that will come from it!