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Hi Torry, I’m sorry you’re going through this but I’m glad writing helped.

When people we love and want to trust let us down so badly, it hurts so much. It’s human nature to take it personally even if it really reflects the other person’s issues. It’s just so awful and unbelievable when it’s your parent or significnat other or good friend who hurts you. It’s normal to hope things will get better, to think past or present relationships can be repaired if you just keep trying, and it’s a horrible feeling when you start to question whether you have to let go of a relationship, maybe forever, to protect yourself and be healthy. I’m so sorry for the pain in your past and for the struggles you’re going through right now. You are being strong by acknowledging how tough it all is. You’re being strong in your weakness just by you acknowledging how painful it is and recognizing that you’re not ok right now and that you still want validation (just like everybody!). But you will be ok. You know the patterns and you know how to avoid them, and you have friends and supporters who love you and are there for you. I hope for random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty to come your way today to help.