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I love how much thought you guys have put into your answers. It’s so awesome when we can shift our focus from what we feel is crappy about ourselves- which is SO easy to perseverate on- to what we LOVE about ourselves. And there’s so much to love about ourselves, even when we feel we cannot see it.

My strengths:
– I am deeply empathetic- sometimes this needs to be redirected or I need to give myself “reality checks” and hone it in a little, but still, this is a great skill I have learned through years of pain and trauma.
– I am driven and have goals. Even when I feel I am in the depths of a pit, I can strive for things miles away.
– I am a deeply loving, kind, and caring person. I love to nurture, being kind to my fellow humans makes me feel full because I know there have been times when kind strangers helped me through many things.
– I have a rich life experience- that despite being painful, I have survived and learned great lessons from
– I am a survivor. I gave myself permission to give up many years ago, and despite that remain on my two feet, often carrying a little on, at that.
– I am deeply self reflective, and inquisitive of the world and my place within it. Again, when this runs wild, as many good things, it is not so good! I joke that I had my first extensential crisis in Elememtary school, but really, I remember sitting on the swings and asking myself why am I here? Why am I me? I could have been born into a different body, and having this realization that everything is some strange intentional accident- that is fragile and sits precariously on the edge of massive change and loss and pain and joy at all moments.