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I’ve been going to this topic, reading it and leaving it be because I keep having something to say but then I keep having to adjust my answer. A lot of my good usually has some bad too, but I think the same can be said for a bunch of people. Regardless, I think I have a good list, finally!

— Able to empathize; here’s where I’m concerned, I can empathize but I try to talk through it to someone and I feel like it pushes them away. I want to be able to show others that I understand, that I get it, but sometimes it shines too brightly.

— Full of humor and laughs.

— Charismatic and personable.

— Passionate ( especially about writing, art, and acting ).

— Tough-skinned but gentle-hearted.

— Intelligent and well-spoken / well-written.

— Quirky / Unique.