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Love this Luz. Self-reflecting and gratitude are very important. I tend to be very black and white, especially when I’m going through a bad time.
My favorite things….
Having no time constraints or external pressures. Being calm and open and accepting of all. Letting life wash over me with confidence. Watching Willow sleep and having wonderful beautiful calm and happy days with her. Watching her walk and laugh and talk. When she hugs me and wakes me up in the morning with a kiss. Drawing, even though I barely get to- it almost makes it better when I do have the time for it. Listening to music. Walking in the warmth when its breezy. Rain. Biking. Learning and being in school. Writing. Reading. Talking to people and relating to others. Giving people hope. Holding Willow’s hand. Being with my brother. Putting down the window in the car, feeling the wind, and closing my eyes.