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When I watched the show on my own, on a whim, I was drawn in by it; I’ve read / seen parts of the book from High School way back when so I figured it would shed some light on the subjects it was intending to cover. While I happened to enjoy the show, I have to agree that the light the series shed was… A little skewed; making Hannah appear not a piece of her mental unease, a part of her design, but a sort of selfish, melodramatic girl on a path of inevitable self-destruction. It was silly on their part. But in the end, I found that I stuck around to find out what happened and ended up watching the whole first season and… Overall? Appreciating it for what it attempted to do. We don’t see many shows like this, I don’t think?

I went so far as to bring my Grandmother into the mix (she’s who I’ve lived with for years, we’re on our own), I wanted her to see what things could look like. Perhaps not the best resolve, not the best medium, but I didn’t know any other means of discussing it other than sitting with her and watching the entire series start to finish. She was shellshocked to say the least. And I know that was not your question -to show teens or not- but I feel that acknowledging any generation’s interpretation of what’s really going on inside our heads is valid.