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I watched the first season and got really into it. Willow was a newborn and I needed something to do in between 4 hour naps every hour (for Willow not me, haha), breastfeeding on demand, and changing diaper after diaper lol. I found myself emotionally vested in the show and its characters, which I don’t normally do- I’m not a huge TV watcher- but something about this show really sucked me in. I found myself triggered, shocked, and emotionally shaken throughout the season and Hannah’s suicide REALLY struck me and affected me. I decided that I HATED the show, and I was angry about it and had lots of thoughts. As a survivor of multiple suicide attempts and of major depression, sexual assault, and other themes shown in the show- which affected me throughout my teen and young adult years I felt that the show had a responsibility to show these themes differently- and to provide more information about suicide and what to do after assault and suicidal thoughts or attempts. I also was so so angry the way they depicted the suicide as being the fault of the characters- and how they left Hannah open to be considered selfish and horrible – without discussing in a more effective and helpful ways to teens and young people who may be dealing with similar issues.
With that being said, it was really good platform to bring a lot of those topics to light- I just wish it had been done differently.
And, I chose not to watch the second season for my mental wellness. However, if Willow was in high school and wanted to watch it, I would definitely watch it with her and use it as a learning opportunity to discuss depression, rape, bullying, sexuality, friends, suicide, etc.