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And The Baker’s Gonna Bake, Bake, Bake!

Mental Health Stigmas: A Pressing Issue

Looking Back On My High School Years

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Elevate Health and Wellness Virtual Teen Support Group

There are far better things ahead…

I’m The Proud Sister of A Transgender Teen

life with adhd

My Life With ADHD

2021 Winter Holiday Card Contest

Youth Event Planning Opportunity – YouthRecoveryCT

Bullying Isn’t Cool


Meet Our Social Media Assistant!

kailey not a burden quote

Your Existence Is Not A Burden…


Reflections – Surviving Crippling Depression

Why Having A Good Therapist Is Important

virtual learning

How COVID-19 Has Affected My Life As A High School Student

My Trip To Oregon


TurningPointCT Hosts CCAR Recovery Coach Academy

self care sunday domi

Face Masks For Self-Care

dominique with letterboard

“If It Costs You Your Peace, It’s Too Expensive”

How My Brothers Saved Me


Why I Chose To Be Sober

new project assistant

Meet Our New Project Assistant!

kailey with dog in bed

Benefits of Pets On My Recovery Journey

dominique with her siblings

It’s Okay To Ask For Help!

How To Help A Friend Who’s Struggling

Recovery Story Series: Michael S.

My Struggle With Anorexia and Disordered Eating

International Overdose Awareness Day Events in Connecticut


The Turning Point CT Team Shares Their Favorite Quotes

Celebrate Recovery – Young Adult Block Party

LIVE WEBINAR PANEL: Mental Health & Substance Use Recovery Stories

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Join Our Discord!

How Photography Has Helped Me In My Recovery

Vote for the Youth Business Initiative to win the State Farm Neighborhood Assist $250,000 Grant in Norwalk, CT!

Finding the Right Mental Health Care Team

How To Make Your Own Positivity Jar!


journaling for mental health

Journaling for Mental Health

Kids in Crisis

Kids in Crisis

Dissociation: Common Trauma Response

Marijuana Legalization in Connecticut

How Music Has Helped Me In My Recovery

Vacation – Worth The Stress

sensory overload

What is Sensory Overload?

Summer Leadership Program | Make The Road CT

Remembering Amy

What is High Functioning Anxiety?

Register For Our Virtual Book Club!

Check out the second issue of “The TurningPointCT Collection”!

gaslighting search bar


portrait of kailey

Q&A with Kailey About Growing Through The Pandemic

First Pride Month

Connect with Ally: Free Peer Support

Emotional Wound Care Guide

stressed out

What is Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

The Long Journey to My New Major

National Mental Health Action Day

My First Panic Attack

Struggling During The Pandemic

How Mental Illness Is Portrayed In The Media

workshop ad

“Learning to Cope When Things Get Tough”

TurningPointCT Virtual Book Club

growing through it text

Spring 2021 Issue of “The TurningPointCT Collection”




How are You practicing Self Care?

Online and Virtual Opportunities

Have You Seen Our Newsletter Yet?

Stay Strong, High School Seniors!

New Year, Same Me

End of Year Reflections

Peer Drop-In Holiday Hours



John’s Story of Coming to Terms with OCD During the Holidays

Fall 2020 TurningPointCT Internship

Fall 2020 TurningPointCT Internship Application

Student Supports During Covid-19

Student Supports During COVID-19

Just for Today


Coping with side effects

Unexpected Changes In Life

Confidence and Self Esteem in Social Situations.

Working 2 jobs, finding the balance, and what comes along with it!

Unpaid Internship Opportunity!

join rise be warm line

Warmlines- Give us a call!

Celebrating Small Victories

The Beginning

Changes in School & Work Because of COVID-19

Current Favorite Shows on Netflix?

SMART Recovery During COVID-19

Coping with COVID-19!

What makes you feel alive?

Where to Listen to the TurningPointCT Podcast

Where to listen to the TurningPointCT Podcast

New Year, New Decade

What is Your Favorite Holiday?

What keeps you going?

alternatives to self-harm

Rest in Peace Jonathan

Fun Stuff to do in the Fall!


A New Chapter

Wednesday Words Wisdom

i love being bipolar!

Meme Monday!

you are valid!

Dance: A Healing Mechanism

In Love (V2).



2019 Annual Run in the Pub Fundraiser to benefit!

i’m trying!!!!

a poem for me

note to self:

How to Properly Kick Ass

Star Crossed Lovers

Temper Tantrum


Looking Within

It’s Been A While

Favorite Youtube Channels

One Year Milestone

Summer Socializing

Opioid Treatment for CT young people!

From Convict to College Graduate

Stress Awareness Month

Mental Health video by young adults!

Map at

Mourning the loss of Deron Drumm

1:15am Rumination

Disconnecting for a Connection

If only

Spring is here!!


Calendar for Mental Health Awareness Days: 2019

Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

Walking Paradox

TODAY: how were you kind? How were you brave? How do you want to do better?

Isolation cycle

Current music obsessions??

Norwalk SMART Teen Group!

Long time, no see!

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week!

"Prognosis: Love" Haiku

Self-Love 2k19!


Random Acts of Kindness Day

Remembering Parkland

Happy Valentine’s… To Yourself!

Reflections on Hailey Nailor’s Death

"Busy" – Overwhelming? or Productive?

Best Places to Eat

Learning to let go.

Pessimist II


Have you ever been Scared… Of yourself?

I will survive… Mother Nature

Advice Vs. Encouragement

I Cried Over Spilled Milk

What are you proud of from 2018?

Best things to do on Winter Break?

Reflecting 2018

Self-Care Checklist for Surviving the Holidays

Weird food

In Everything Give Thanks

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish?!

First Snow Fall

What’s in your playlist?

Music & Emotions//Opening My Library

Crisis Text Line Counselor


CT SMART Recovery Groups

It’s Just Around the Corner…

Stress Diagrams and Stats.

Open Discussion: When Hurt Haunts

Good Enough

Poem: "In Love".

Free-Write: "Null."

Recovery Month Videos

Opioid Treatment for CT young people!

Recovery Month

Music Contest

Fun Fact Friday


Not Getting Notifications From Us?

Virtual Hospital

Client Advisory Board Meeting


Rest in Peace, Mac Miller

Food Issues.

FREE Recovery Coach Training!

The forced Psychiatric Treatment of a Child

Best Young Adult Books of 2018

If I were in the Olympics…

If you could be a cartoon character…

School Stress!

Seize The Awkward

Bullying and Suicide

Hike at Lake Mohegan!

Hike at Lake Mohegan!

21 day anxiety challenge

Goals for the school year

How To Clean Your Wounds

Plans for the Fall

I’m going back to prison

Article "I Want Change"

Getting Adopted!


National Happiness Happens Day

4 Phrases I’m tired of being told when I’m struggling

An Act of Kindness

Keep Fighting!

Once hurt, always hurt?

World Breastfeeding Week

Phone Based Peer Support Training

World Friendship Day

Funny video of the Week!!!

We stand with you, Demi

No limit!

Inspirational Story


Voices 4 Hope


The Impact of a Best Friend

Newport Academy Adventure Camp

A 6 Year chapter is finally over


Love Wins

Highlights from the First half of Summer

National Disability Awareness Day 2018

"Just For Today"

I can’t cope with this

Being Yourself

The days I dreamed of in prison

ice cream

Free Ice Cream Social!

What song…

What is your Greatest Strength?

Never Quit!


Childhood TV Shows

An Prologue to Insanity

Luca demonstrates his Neediness through a Dog

Your Favorite Shows on Netflix

What would you do for free??


What are you proud of yourself for today?

All new This or That!

My Favorite Things in Life

What am I most looking forward to in life?

We are all still Okay!

How I Found the Courage to Heal on My Detour

kate spade

Rest In Peace, Kate Spade

Pride Month!

Overcoming Trauma Video

Abusing ADHD Meds

13 reasons why

Embracing My Turning Pointe

Loneliness and the Stipulation

This Is America

When the Mask Comes Off

Daily Thoughts

Things You Are Worried About

I’m Working On It

Talking to Death

13 Reasons Why Release Tomorrow

Mental Health Awareness Month

Twenty Years

Intense Feelings

3 Years Time…

What is your favorite Spring/Summertime Activity?

Favorite things to do in the Summer

3 qualities in any relationship

My Humiliation is Finally Over



Check out this inspiring article

My Best Self

Best Compliment Ever Received

Would you Still Love me the Same?

Fight Song

What’s Wrong With Him?

Why is HUMOR a container AND cure-all for Balance, Health and JOY?

Statewide Young Adult Warmline

Forgiving My Younger Self

Scars to Your Beautiful

Plants on your desk= Less stress!

Nothing is Impossible!

Never Give Up!

Personal relationships


My Definition

What’s a lifeline of creativity for you?

What is your fear?

Today my baby walked.

Emerging Adult Action Network

What is your favorite song?

Isolations Belong in the Studio, Not in Our Heads

Celebrities Speak out About their Mental Health

Today, I Was Triggered

Uncomfortable, For Now.

Spring is coming!!!

Anxiety Chart

Natural High

What does a "blip in time" mean to you? How to tell yourself everything passes

The Anchor


Me & My Mental Illness.


Thinking About Everything and Nothing

What does happiness feel like for you?

Instead of Killing Yourself

Article about Social Anxiety


She Makes the World Go Round

Things to Say when Someone is Struggling

Dealing with Emotions

Using Loss to Help Others

Managing irritability

Seize The Awkward

Who is Your Hero???

Article about NBA’s Kevin Love

A Listening Ear

Fighting with time

The week before your birthday

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

One hard, hard week

Another Full Circle

bearing the bang of the bells

Bearing the Bang of the Bells

Tips on What to Do When your Struggling

Take your Time

What boosts your self-esteem?


Stages of life

Recovery 101

Don’t Lose Yourself!

Be Yourself no Matter what!

Is there a RIGHT way to react?

How I Had Thought Heroin Cured My Anxiety

A Healthy Body

What pathway do you travel on?

Not there Yet… But I can Be….

Defining My Character

reward yourself

What have you Broken free of?

Trying to be perfect in an imperfect world


SMART Recovery Teen Group In Fairfield, CT

My Anti-Bucket List

Dancing to the Beat of My Own Drum

Today I Matter

Escape from reality

Great article about saying "No" when we need to

What’s your dream job?

My First Job was…

Helping Yourself Before Helping Others

Guilt, Anxiety, and Fear: Motherhood

What does maturity look like to you?

Help us end youth homelessness!!!

be nice to yourself

The Superbowl

Everything Will Turn-Out Just Fine

2018 Awareness Calendar

Choosing to Walk Away


Pushing through No matter what!

What if I never get THAT apology?

Is social media responsible for problems with body image?

What are you most afraid of?

What is your favorite animal and why???

Is social media good for our mental health?

Most watched movie

Self Soothing

Dancing, Prancing, and Purring

Are young adults too stressed out?

Getting Unstuck

What are you doing when you are most comfortable?

What would you do to make the world a better place?

Comfort Cat

Once Upon A Time

What is your favorite Snow day memory?

This Grand Stage of My Life

Reflecting 2017

Discomfort doesn’t last

Coping with the winter

The best thing that happened in 2017 was…

Traits in friend/significant other

No Longer in Isolation

To those who helped me

The Foundation to your Life

The Power of Positivity

Signs of Abuse in Relationships

HELP-How to Deal with Mood Swings?

Having hearing problems

How to cope with your significant other’s depression

Remembering Those no Longer with us… and Tough times during the Holidays

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Marijuana to treat back pain

Two Years!

I’ll Take the Lead on This One

Quotes about Perseverance


Point Your Toes in the Direction of Your Dreams

Sad girl; strong mom

Moving on despite Tragedy

What is your most prized possession?

faith it till you make it

Faith-it Till You Make It

Keeping the Rhythm You Gave Me

Handle Holiday Stress 101

The Piques and Pits in My Life


Balancing work and school

CT DMHAS Bed Availability Tool

Dealing with holidays and family

What are you thankful for?

Petite, But Mighty

Overthinking and How to Deal with it!

My battle with drug addiction

Recent bad experience leads into beautiful destination

"Make you feel"

Raising the Barre Since 1997

Letting go of the past and looking forward to the future

The Second Half of My Pas De Deux

Holiday Blues (and Reds and Greens)

Self love

Compassion Can go a Long Way Video

Starbucks Social Acceptance Video!

Negativity bias in relationships

My Attitude and My Outlook

Watching the World Develope

Good momentum leading to bad days

Sharing a unique part of my story

Learn the Facts about Heroin and Opiate Use and the Benefits of Narcan!

Falling In Love With Fall

The Release of My Anger

Meet Carl….


Who am I?

Cultural Appropriation in Halloween Costumes

This too shall pass

Pitter, Patter, Potter

Enjoy the little things!

Pushing through the Struggles

A Day at the Courthouse

Shuffling Past the Crowd

Finding My Balancé

College Applications

The Raw Truth, The Real Pointe

Here’s How October and Creativity Can Help You on Your Detour Right Now

Forgiving myself for Willow

Reminder***Halloween Party 2017!

Recovery is Possible!

Forgetting our Differences

New Opportunities, New Life

Well For Willow

Selfcare: Still Important

"This is from me to you. This is the truth."

To the Moon and back

A Volunteer Service Project and other Educational Experiences

Struggling and venting

Caring About the Environment Helped me Care About Myself: Nature & Mental Health

Simple ways to manage school stress

Keep Moving Forward!

Music With Meaning

A Social Life: Something New for Me.

What is Beauty?

Five Magic Steps to Turn Creativity Into Happy Mental Wellness

What is missing? Where has it gone? Creative Writing Prompt

Too Mean?

Some of my new Favorite Songs

Risk Factors of Suicide

Suicide Prevention and Risk Factors

Do you do crunches?

Healthy Study Habits

The struggle with Medications

How’s School Going?

CT Students for a Dream Scholarship List

Starry Starry Night

Pizza Changed My Life. How Pizza Changed My Life…It’s #NationalCheesePizzaDay!

Émile Durkheim

Suicide Prevention

Know The Warning Signs

The Biggest Misconception About Today’s College Students

Suicide Prevention

September – Suicide Prevention Month

September – Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

The beginning of the semester is always the hardest part

When Stage Fright, Fear, and Passion Become Your Best Friend: Making a Show

Staying focused through heavy work workload and a tight school schedule

Mental Health: Spectator V.S Recipient

Nature is Healing Energy

I Survived a Suicide Attempt

The Most Clever Way to Find Hope on a Down Day is….

Creative Writing prompt-A letter to My Parents

Tips to quit alcohol addiction?

Prepping for back to school

2017 Summer Fest

dreaming again

Dreaming Again

"Somedays you need the music, other days you just need the lyrics"

The best thing I did this Summer was…

Creative Writing Prompt!

It’s Upsetting, But Could More Love Walks Be the Answer

Every Three Weeks We Have a 9/11

Jamming to any new songs?

a new identification

A New Identification

3 Wishes!