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Social Media– Does it affect our self worth?

We’re back with another one… and this time, we’re chatting about one of our biggest addictions to our everyday lives– SOCIAL MEDIA! Social media and connecting through technology has become the way of life for most young adults. From Snapchat to Facebook, sharing our experiences with everyone with the stroke of a button has grown to be the norm. Whether sharing the good or the bad, things are out there and people are watching.

Check out Rai, Kevin, Lauren and Sydney as they discuss social media and how it is being used by young adults. Listen as they share their own experiences with it and how it has influenced their lives, opinions and self worth.

Join in on the convo right here on the forum — how has social media affected you?

How soon should we learn about sex/sexuality?

And we’re back with yet another episode of our podcast! If you missed the last episode, don’t worry, you can always check back here and see what you’ve missed.

In the mean time, we have something new…

Listen to Rai, Liv, Kevin, Sydney and Lauren share their perspectives on sex education. While some do agree that sex ed should be mandatory in middle schools and that the idea of sex and/or sexuality should be introduced in the home, some totally disagree.  What do you think?

Join us on the forum and share your opinion!


New location– YAS! Center

YAS! is a safe and affirming drop-in program for all young adults to receive social support and case management services including housing, employment, support with name-change documents, crisis intervention, and referrals.

You can visit it on our map for more information here!

The Legalize Marijuana Podcast

Do YOU think marijuana should be legalized here in CT??

Keeping up with is always an easy thing but to make it even easier, we’re bringing the conversation straight to you! Check out a few of our young adults as we sit down and discuss today’s hot topics in our new podcast series! Every month you can be sure to hear something new and interesting from a few people just like you and even from some special guest.

It’s not everyday that we get to chill and weigh on what’s going on in social media, our culture or around the state, so make sure to catch us!

Here’s our very first episode featuring Rai, Ally, Kevin, Sydney and Lauren talking about legalizing marijuana. And tell us what you think on our forum discussion here  !

Legalize Marijuana in CT? Hear it on our podcast!

There’s no wrong or right answer, all opinions are welcome. 🙂

STD Awareness & Prevention

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among people aged 15–24 years accounts for nearly half of all STDs reported in the U.S.

While many of us have been introduced to sex through sex education courses in school or during the “birds and bees” talk with people close to us, a lot more of us have no idea and do not know where to start… which often leads to risky behavior or to more young adults doing things that could have been prevented, “if they had known.”

STDs are infections that are transmitted during vaginal, anal, and oral sex. They are extremely common & many people who have them don’t always show symptoms, so its VERY important that you protect yourself and take precaution/preventative measures if you are or plan to, expose yourself to them.

The best way to prevent contracting or spreading an STD is to abstain from sexual activity and if that is not an option, use latex condoms and dental dams. You should also be monogamous with one-long-term partner whom has also tested negative. Getting tested every few months with your partner is also a great idea to reduce the risk!

There are more than 25 types of STDs, the most common are HPV, Trich, Chlamydia, Herpes, & Gonorrhea (“Clap”). All STDs are testable (except HPV for men) and for the most part, can be treated and cured with prescription meds. Some, like HIV, remain in the body but can be treated with long term meds to manage symptoms.

If you or anyone you know may have contracted an STD, don’t panic! Visit your local medical provider and get tested! Planned Parenthood provides discreet testing and same day visits.

The first step to treatment is knowing!




Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month!

Alcoholism can effect anyone at any moment, anywhere… it’s super important that we spread awareness about the use and abuse of alcohol–the serious health risks of binge drinking, overconsumption and  generally, how alcohol affects your judgment as well as your safety.

We need to realize how it affects families, friends, and communities.

This year, people all over the world participated in an “alcohol free weekend”. People of all ages, who may or may not struggle with alcohol, abstain from drinking alcohol for three days. This weekend encourages those who may need help, to seek resources and also helps spread the word about alcoholism.

If you or anyone you know may need help, check out some resources in our “Support by Topic” section.

Looking for more groups and information for you, a friend, or family member in Connecticut? Find them on our map at ! Don’t see a program or group that you know about? Add it to the map!

Need somewhere to vent?  Check out our forum:

<— Alcohol use explained diagram on the left!





Happy Autism Awareness Month! April marks an important time for individuals, families and communities to honor and unite for many reasons. It is a time to come together to embrace all of our differences and to encourage acceptance and inclusion!

Let’s celebrate all our friends and families living with ASD! Check out what you can do to spread awareness for Autism:



Hangtime in Bridgeport

It’s not everyday that we get to see groups of people come together and share their perspectives and opinions in an open space, without a filter. Every Tuesday night in Bridgeport, that is going down! checked out what everyone has been talking about for the past 2 1/2 years and we are here for it!

Check out the feature on Bridgeport’s Hangtime:

Catch up on other features that you’ve missed too!

Young Adult Space! (YAS!) Drop In Center

Come check out YAS! at the Triangle Community Center (TCC) in Norwalk, CT.

YAS! is a safe and affirming drop-in program for all young adults to receive social support and case management services including housing, employment, support with name-change documents, crisis intervention, and referrals.

18+ folks are welcome! Come meet some new people and connect with resources and supports!

You can visit it on our map for more information:

It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 26 – March 4 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. To help spread awareness and to help our families and friends in need, we are sharing positive messages!

30 million people will experience an eating disorder in their lifetime and with enough love, support, and outreach, recovery is possible.

Anonymous self-assessments are quick, easy, and empower people with the information to act. Visit today to take a free screening!

For more information, please visit the discussion forum… Let’s Talk about it!

TurningPointCT Mental Health Calendar

In celebrating all things mental health, TurningPointCT brings to you our very first mental health awareness calendar! Millions of people are impacted daily by mental health conditions and the more we share and speak about our struggles, the more others can learn from. Let’s continue to spread awareness about mental health, promote mental wellness and share our knowledge.

To download the calendar, visit the forum:

You can also always find the calendar right here in our media section or on the discussion forum!

Write On!- Emerging Writers and Self-Advocates

Write On!, a program for young adult, emerging writers who have a mental health condition and/or substance use disorder and who want to become (or who are) powerful storytellers and self-advocates. The program is free for the individuals who are accepted, thanks to generous funding by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

The deadline to apply is January 31st. The program will begin mid-February and end with public readings of the students’ work taking place during Mental Health Month in May. The online application can be found here:

New Feature Up- New London AXS Center

Check out the new feature on the New London AXS Center in our Resources section of the website. got to visit the community access center and we had a great time. We met the staff, learned about all that they do and of course hung out with a few of the young adults who visit often. It was nothing like we’ve ever seen– the vibe, atmosphere, access to resources, peer-to-peer support, and staff-to-young adult engagement. We look forward to visiting, thanks again for having us!



New feature: Ugly Sweater Open House at the Family Wellness Center

CTSTRONG hosted an amazing ugly sweater (or festive sock) party open house at the Family & Wellness Center in Middletown this past week. TurningPointCT had the pleasure of joining families and young adults in celebrating the holiday, sharing community resources and connecting with one another. Check out the feature on our page and be on the look out for more updates on events:

CT STRONG Young Adult Nights

CTSTRONG Young Adult Nights are here! In collaboration with Green Streets Art Center instructors & other local community instructors, CTSTRONG hosts workshops and activities @ the Family Wellness Center in Middletown, CT.

Come on out on Mondays and Wednesdays, 3-8pm, for some fun. There is something for everyone, including tutoring, relaxation, music, gaming, art, movies, creative writing, as well as movement activities and more.. Also, come out and connect with other young adults!

Monday Night Workshops- Songwriting
Wednesday Night Workshops- Creative Community Movement

For more information and to get in on the action, please contact Kai Belton at (860) 347-6971 extension 3920.

We cannot wait to seeee you!


CT Young Adult Focus Groups! Sign Up Today

Calling all 18-24 year olds in the Norwalk area!! IMPACCT is calling on you for your opinions and feedback. Join other young adults in the area as we discuss mental health and substances!Perfect opportunity to share your thoughts, network and to connect with others! For one hour of your time and opinions, you will receive FREE food as well as a FREE $25 giftcard. There are sessions all around the state, so make sure not to miss the opportunity in your neighborhood.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 –> 6 pm at the HSC building at 1 Park St, Norwalk, CT 06851

To attend a session, please RSVP to ! To attend this session, please RSVP by Tuesday, October 11! Space is limited so reach out ASAP & reserve your spot.

NAMI CT WALK 2016- Join Mind Over Matter

Join us for the NAMI CT walk this Saturday, May 21st!

We’ll be there alongside a few different young adult organizations. Join our young adult team and walk with us!

Here’s the link to join and/or donate : MIND OVER MATTER

“CT Strong, TurningPointCT, Advocacy Unlimited, Join Rise Be, InterCommunity, Jordan Porco Foundation, Connecticut Legal Rights Project, YAS Biz, Institute of Living and DMHAS Young Adult Services are all key organizations dedicated to advocacy and empowerment of young people with mental health challenges in Connecticut.” We’ll be walking in unison to stop the stigma around mental health, advocate, and of course to educate. Come have some fun!

NAMI Walk in Hartford May 21, 2016 at 9:00am

Bushnell Park
99 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06105

Need more info, Check out the official NAMI Connecticut Walk website –> CLICK HERE

CCAR Young Adult & Family Program Open House

CCAR (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery) welcomed dozens as they celebrated the opening of their new location in Bridgeport for their Young Adult and Family Program., along with several other young adults, mental health organizations (DMHAS, Facing Addiction, etc) and outreach programs, shared in conversation as project manager, Carol Cruz, excitedly toured us around the space. This center is dedicated to providing recovery support services and resources to young adults & families utilizing Telephone Recovery Support and Recovery Coach Training.  Parent and family support is provided through education and peer support networks that also emphasize empowerment and advocacy skills training.

For more info and photos on this feature, check out our Featured Events section on the website – Explore Featured Events

Calling ALL Bloggers!

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Are you a teen parent with a lot to say? is calling all bloggers with a passion for mental health! Turn your passion into a weekly sensation on our discussion forum. Be the inspiration, the voice of reason, or the next topic of conversation. was developed by young people in Connecticut who are in recovery from mental health and substance use issues. We know what it’s like to feel alone, stressed, worried, sad, and angry. We’ve lived through the ups and downs of self-harm, drugs and alcohol, and the struggle to find help. We are here to help guide the search for mental wellness and we’d love to hear your perspective!

Check out our current blogs here:  Everything Music and Journal of a Gay Black Immigrant

To enter the contest:

All contestants must

  • be a young adult (16-28) in Connecticut
  • must be a mental health advocate- blog must relate to some aspect of mental wellness.
  • must be able to contribute one post per week with a minimum of 350 words to the discussion forum.
  • promote the blog
  • follow on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and/or Twitter.
Could you be our next blogger ? Show us your point of view! Please send us your topic (and why it matters) and a sample post of 350 words to by  April 1, 2016. All submissions will be considered and the winner(s) will be notified within the week of the deadline date.