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Luca’s Recovery Month

Hey Guys! It’s Recovery month this month, check out what Luca’s got to say about it and check out his blog “Heavy Metal Recovery” on our forums

Opioid Treatment for CT young people!

The ASSERT Treatment Model (ATM) provides intensive family based treatment for young adults up to 21 years old with opioid problems. ATM is a new treatment that combines three services:

1. Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)

2. Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

3. Recovery Management Checkups and Supports (RMCS)

ATM can be delivered in the privacy of your home or community clinic.

Typical ATM treatment includes 4-6 months or therapy (MDFT), followed by up to 12 months of recovery support (RMCS)

MAT is not required to participate in ATM, however, it may be initiated at at any time during treatment

The decision to prescribe MAT is made by the youth, family and physician

72% of Connecticut is covered by ATM— Here is a list of provider agencies that offer ATM:

These providers and locations can also be found on our resource map: Click here 

Heat Heat Go Away, and Don’t Come back….like….ever

Pete the cat in: Beat The Heat, coming to a theater near you soon

Recovery Relationships

Here’s a little video on the relationships we hold with the ones closest to us when we enter recovery


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Henry?? Where did you go??? This is my nephew, I couldn’t find him until I heard a suspicious sneeze coming from the couch. Submit your funny videos to us!! What’s life without a laugh?

Luca demonstrates his Neediness through a Dog

What an accurate depiction of how much love and attention require lolll