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    At some point in our lives, whether it has been on television or in fictional literature, many of us have heard of a story in which a person gets granted 3 magical wishes. If this were to happen to any of you, have you actually thought of what you would ask for with them?

    I think I would ask for:

    1). Being able to work my desired job without needing any specific education requirements beforehand, but also amazing benefits like vacations whenever I’m burnout or something.

    2). Free housing, food, and medical care to everyone, everywhere.

    3). Get to have Shemar Moore be like one of my BFFs lol.

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    1. I wish I could grant everyone happiness in their lives.

    2. I wish I could travel and do my job in every state for a small period of time to get the experience in each state but also get to reach others in other places.

    3. Unlimited amount of poland spring water wherever I go, Haha!

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    Your third wish had me literally laughing out loud, just because I know how much you enjoy your GALLONS of water. Literally 🙂

    I also think it would be good to be able to reach other places if even temporarily, just to give other people a taste of what we’re about. That’d be cool!

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    Kevin A.
    Kevin A.

    Ha ha Torry! Yup, more water!

    My three wishes:
    1. A world without judgement for people who are different
    2. Getting through college successfully and stress free
    3. Greater love from everyone

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    Carl Peterson
    Carl Peterson

    1. A world of peace and harmony.
    2. To have a job I love that pays decent and has benefits.
    3. A world where no one goes hungry.

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    Hey guys!

    These are all great wishes to have. it’s amazing how most of us mentioned things that would help out humanity as a whole. I truly wish it would be as simple as getting a wish granted from a genie sometimes, so that pain and evil wouldn’t be so eminent in the world!

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    Love this! And love all your wishes
    Can I wish for more wishes? Lol
    1. I wish I could bring all my hopes, dreams, and aspirations to fruition without struggling or meeting dead ends (like getting my dream job without needing to go to school for 10 years…. or even going to school without needing loans and paying all my income towards daycare)
    2. For money to not be an obstacle in anything.. travel, living, schooling, eating, etc.
    3. For my daughter to love me, and feel like I did a good job raising her- and to know I have done a good job

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